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WEBCAMS (sites where you can watch the boys LIVE, or even interact with boys !) - YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE A CAMERA YOURSELF -
Below, we will try to put pics (and maybe clips) of the cute young boys who do that (shows),
so you can more easily select the webcam site you like (and avoid a bit better all the uglies)

CameraBoys   VERY HOT !  
Indispensable site !!!

O.M.G. !
Beware, if you go further below, prepare paper tissues !
If you click any of the small pics below, you will immediately get the boy LIVE,
in very erotic situations ! (and even sometimes you have the sound - it's REAL !)

Few of boys below are "young and cute", because it's randomly generated (right now) ;
For this, you have to go there, and
select "18-20" in "Gays" or "Boy" in "Who's online"

- I think that CameraBoys has the most 18-20 cute boys than any other site, and, last but not least, this organization is VERY serious !  Looks like the live cams are the future of sex sites... it 's so good to have a real living boy in real-time, and only for you !! Mmmmh there are plenty of boys below I love !! :-))
If you don't see the desired boy LIVE VIDEO after clicking, just refresh the current page (this one) ( CTRL-R or F5 on a PC) to get only the currently LIVE ones

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Flirt4Free / VideoSecrets

(webcams - SOME of their boys are very HOT !! (like "Londom", Jhonny B", "Frank Wild", etc) - clean and good quality) 

Almost all the boys or men below are HORRIBLE,
because this automatic table is NOT FILTERED BY AGE !
But search a bit : there is always at least 1 or 2 who is really worth !

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good and serious site !!
click above to see a selection of 18-22 yo boys : some are interesting !

below is just a random frame with (any) online "gay" guys (not teenboys) :


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very well known - I have now some friends there (boys!)
- it's very good to have them do anything I like !
(it's sure a bit costly but it's worth ! ((for me - OMG...) - and I know this helps them to live - most are in poor countries - we make good relationships)

Here (below) is also something which shows SOME of the boys who are online,
(with snapshots of how they look like currently, refreshed every 90 seconds)
but it shows also the ugly ones, and I don't know how to change that !! :-)

click the drop-menu with "Blonde" and select Guy cams-- Straight, Bi, Gay or Couple cams-- Straight (or gay) for instance

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Hardrocky  I love him !! :-)
very cute and cool and kind !!! and charming
( not his best photo below )

I had them make love for me !!
I could "remote control" everything !
( here is not their nicest photo neither )

Ardentboyxxx (this boy is irresistible!!!)

How does it work ? At first you can see the boys for free, then it asks you to register (and provide your credit card number, but it's really not charged) - then you can chat with them - if you want nude sex, you must click "enter premium chat" and it tells you the price (generally 2 or 3$/mn) - before that, you agree with the boy about the time and what they will do - once you are in premium (paid) show, they do all what you ask ! only for you !! it's a very GREAT experience !!! - I hesitated several months before registering, but when I did it, the first day I spent 50$, and I did not regret it !! :-)

Sebastianhot  this guy is VERY HOT AND HORNY !! he made a show that made me cum in only 3 or 4 minutes !!! NICE HAIRLESS BODY, BIG COCK !!!
( definitely not his best photo below )

here are 2 short clips that I recorded
of him in the free chat : 1  2

of course, many more boys on Streamen !