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GayPornAccess : an "AVS" site, giving access to a myriad of "websites" for a small fee,
but I'm not so sure if it's good or not...
I list below some of their sites, which don't look too bad...
(although it really looks like the '25 y.o. hunks trying to pose as teens")
- You may check... (with hundreds of sites, you may find some original things, for sure)

barebacktwinks  tiddlytwinks  twinks  twinkyfrenchsausage


DickDorm   finally, some of these students seem to be not so bad, so let's have a second look

AllBoys19 - horniest site for young twink gayboys !  apparently very arousing - real college boys doing plenty of things with boys or girls, for money - American, not so young-looking

some very good videos, more than decently young enough for a U.S. site

* a bit like RealTeenBoys although obviously not the same owner - very known and busy site *

HMB has been newly redesigned recently, and one must say that it's very nice and they have very good boys, really in the 18-20. This is very rare from an american site. They were among the first ones in the Teenboys sites, and 10 years later they are, probably, still number 1 or 2 for that, in the US. No ugly "twinks" and all that shit :-)

"Twink Academy - A helping hand to boys in need"

"Twink Academy - A helping hand to boys in need"
* a very special site with quality - ... anyway you are probably already a member, like everyone ! *


nice boys boys from COLOMBIA and RUSSIA !


ery subtle and arousing concept - the preview is very serious, but don't worry, there is sex inside - nice teenboys and very high quality - you must check it !
TIP : click "Guests" for preview, and "Become a Sponsor" for joining

"Twink Academy - A helping hand to boys in need"  "Twink Academy - A helping hand to boys in need"

BoyFun (

BoyFun, A.K.A. BoyFunCollection, is a "megasite" - It is not really a TeenBoys site like we love here, but they have SO MANY guys, that there are probably enough cute and young boys for your tastes ; I've put some of their YOUNGER boys below, it's up to you to judge ! (just don't watch their older guys :-)

ALL these images (above and beneath, for BFcollection) are linked to the same page (which shows them and/or other young guys like them!   ---> No use to click every thumbnail !

New site, interesting and appreciated ! to test :

(the boys are younger than on this banner!)
FREE GALLERIES of BoysCollection : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (very good :-)
I wish I had the time to visit this site !

many twinks about 19/21 y.o. - good long vids - easy and fast browsing - all fine and serious - see "Model Directory" - kind webmaster
there may be a small and unique pop-up at exit if you don't join

BoysTeen                         WetBalls    

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